Malaga part 2

Wow – So it’s now been four months since we left blighty!  We can’t believe the time has gone by so fast – and we have not covered three countries yet!  Well, four countries if you count British Overseas Territories! We have been settled in Malaga, next to the beach, waiting for a care package from the UK, and planning out the next few months – including a trip to the UK for family visits, festivals and motorhome servicing.  It will be after brexit so let us know if you need special orders bringing back – food, drink, German cars, polish cleaners, energy etc.

We wanted to note down some highlights and low-lights from the 2018 part of the tour.

T says his favourite places so far have been Porto, Lisbon and the Caminito del Rey. S says that she loved Porto and rediscovering cycling, at La Rochelle.  We both agree that the low points have been missing family and T damaging the bottom of the van trying to get up the hill to visits the Grutas at Mira de Aire.

Superglue has sorted the van, and Skype has been a boon keeping in touch with the family, especially regular calls with our son holding the fort back at home.   The separation from family was especially difficult over festive period – xmas day Skype was wonderful but also managed to increase the sense of separation somehow.

We didn’t quite have the tech together to enjoy the Queen’s speech (or Danny Dyer’s for that matter!) but we’ve splashed out on wifi internet and have been downloading shows to binge watch over the next couple of months and give us something more up to date than the hard drive full of movies that Charlie sorted out for us!

Christmas day was in the van, we found a good turkey joint, ready stuffed.  With spuds and veggies including sprouts it was passable. Note to selves: It is impossible to cook roast potatoes in the current oven – what we actually ate was boiled potatoes covered in oil.

Here are a few pictures of our time in Malaga.