Santiago de Compostela

Even a pair of atheists have an attraction for the cathedrals – if you have read many of these posts, you will have noticed that already.  And after Lourdes, we didn’t expect to see another cathedral or basilica quite so impressive. But the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela comes pretty close. Every year tens of thousands of pilgrims make the journey here on foot, horse or bike, following a network of pilgrims paths.  They all head here to Santiago de Compostela and to the church that suposedly houses the relics of St James son of Zebedee (,_son_of_Zebedee) –

The camperstop is a very large parking area dedicated to campervans and coaches.  It’s about 15€ per day, but that’s without electric and no fresh water. On the plus side, there is a row of shops next to the parking area and we managed to snaffle some WiFi, always useful!

A 3km walk from the camping stop and then a tour of the town culminating in a visit to the Cathedral.  A wonderful building.

Lunch was at an excellent tapas restaurant and we picked up some of the local almond biscuits (yes, some more).  An evening spent doing 3 weeks of laundry in a spotlessly clean fully automated laundrette. And a late night catching the F1 GP on a German free to air satellite TV channel and up very late the next day and beginning the journey south to Portugal – again taking a pilgrims route.