We parked at the roadside in Leon for an hour waiting for a way into a parking space.  And then an evening checking out the cathedral and the nunnery and then back to the van for grub.

T has done without whisky for a couple of months now and felt he deserved one, so out came the 10 year old Laphroaig.

Next day we started we started off with a tour of the local museums. By about mid-day, there was a gap in the car park that meant that we could actually get out – kid you not, the camper stop is a shared car park and the cars are so close that you can’t get the camper out of a space if the space beside is occupied and if there is a car in front.  You have to wait for a maneuvering space to be able to leave!

Another first for us was the milk vending machine in the shopping centre over the road from the camping stop – fresh milk by the litre – just pop your bottle in the slot and put some euros in!

After lunch we set out towards Santiago with another stop planned on the way.