Bremerhaven, Germany

We arrive in Bremerhaven quite late in the day and the Motor home aire is already full.  Not a great sign for our first German stopover. But there are camper-vans in the marina car park just over the road, so we go and park over there while we work out what to do.  The Germans parked in a camper next to us tell us that the workers that came to clean up had told them that overnight parking is not forbidden, so we decide to just stay where we are.  We cycle along the seafront and visit the German Submarine U2540, Wilhem Bauer, our main reason (Toby!) for coming to Bremerhaven.

Back to the Mothership late afternoon to discover that a) there are now about ten motor homes sharing the car-park with us and b)  there are lots of German ‘kids’ in modified BMW, Audi and VW converging on the car park. It’s getting louder!

We have dinner and watch a movie.  More cars show up – the party is just getting started.  We watch another movie and turn in at midnight. By this time there are not too many cars left, but the last one doesn’t go until after 2 AM – they were no trouble at all, just loud!  In the morning we notice that all but one of the other camper-vans had gone too – guess they didn’t like the company!

Anyway, by the time we get up, the Camping Platz over the road has spaces – so we shift the mothership over there.  The ticket machine doesn’t work properly and the less than helpful attendant is crap, but we get it worked out and head into town. We visit the maritime museum.  Most impressive is the new VR experience which details the German Arctic explorer vessel, Polastern. We spend an hour watching some VR video.  It’s really cool. We explore two other ships and cycle down to the shipping terminal to see the observation tower made from shipping containers. We fit in a great lunch and that’s the day done!