Étang de Leucate

The drive up the coast from Girona was ‘interesting’.  As per normal, we have the satnav set to avoid toll roads.  The coast road that the satnav chose instead of the main road was very windy and very steep.  It was wide enough for us so no real issues. A quick stop for photos at the border to France.

The weather was also starting to get rough and the wind picked up.  The wind picked up to about 50kmh and our progress was slow, so we decided to stop for the night rather than push on.  We already had a nice camper stop lined for this eventuality, but it was an automated machine and the touchscreen was not working properly.  Selina spent twenty minutes running through the same stops over and over but to no avail – we could not get in.

So we gave up and about 10km down the road was a free stopover that had water and sewerage, so it was win win.  

It was a bad night – the winds really buffeted the van so neither of us got a lot of sleep. As it was we parked at an odd angle in the parking area to try and get our nose into the wind – to little avail.

But next morning it was sunny and we had a good view of the lake and the aigrette population.  And then the final push to Montpellier.