Three months by the numbers

So here we are three months in and we’ve not yet even toured three countries!

In case you are interested, here are some details by the numbers: We have travelled 4500 kilometers visiting over 50 towns and cities. We’ve put 580 litres of diesel and 35 litres of LPG in the tanks. That LPG usage will increase over the winter as we need to start using the heating at night to stop us turning into Selina and Toby popsicles!

We’ve spent around £5000 – of which the largest spend is on groceries, then site fees and then diesel.  These three categories account for about £3.5K

Sel commented that we have saved a lot of money over our expenditure at home as there have been no spur of the moment toy/hobby purchases.  We are surprised Amazon have been able to cope with the loss of revenue!  

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