A typical town visit plan

Here is a quick post showing what one of our city plans looks like.  This is the Google map for Evora – we intended this to be a one night stopover, so it’s a simple plan, but the town was great so it was two.  In orange we have the potential stopovers. We have a few sources of info and so typically we get a few versions of the truth about good places to stop and sometimes we don’t decide until we arrive which it will be.  

The light blue pins are the things we want to do – we may have researched them heavily over the last few years, discovered them the previous day or perhaps people recommended them to us, but light blue is where they end up.  The purple colour are the utilities and facilities: high on the agenda for Evora was washing, so we checked out the Lavandaria and popped them on the google map, but sometimes it’s tourist information, garages, supermarkets or LPG gas stations.  You get the idea!

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