Burge Haamstede, The Netherlands

Our campsite for two nights was the Molecaten Park Wijde Blick in Burge Haamstede.  This is probably the best campsite that we have been to in eight months! But to be fair it’s also the most expensive.  It has every facility you can imagine, and probably some that you can’t! The area is very popular with the Dutch – there are campsites all over the island.  We opted for this one because it’s in our little motorhome book. This is relevant because there are a lot of campsites with tight turnings and small pitches and the 8M mothership (with the bikes on) may not fit in. So we like to get reviews from fellow motorhomers rather than just campers 😉

We have a wonderful couple of days cycling the area and just generally chilling out.  From here, for T birthday we are off to Winderdjick near Rotterdam to see some windmills.