Gravelines, France

What was supposed to be two weeks back at home ended up being a month and we had to kick ourselves into gear to actually get back on the road.  Finally it was goodbye to Charlie and next door’s cat, SORN the car (again) and off we go to Calais. We didn’t book in advance and just turned up and rolled right on the RORO. £125 not too bad really.  

Our first stop, just 20km east along the coast from Calais was Gravelines (  It’s one of many walled towns along the coast dating back to the times when the Spanish controlled the area!  These days it’s famous for the epic nuclear plant that generates over 7% of Frances electricity and for two of Frances largest data centres.  

Our stopover was just €7.50 for 24 hours, although without any services!  A wonderful spot overlooking the Fleuve canal. Interesting as the whole marina dries out at low tide leaving everything sitting on mud!

We arrived late so just time to get settled in.  A quiet night and then a brief walk of the city walls in the morning and back to mothership and off along the coast!