Badajoz, Spain

Our first stopover back in Spain and a lovely little free camperstop with water and sewage on the riverside.  There are about 15 other campervans here so it’s a busy location. A brief walk around the town and a quick shimmy up the walls of the Alcázar (moorish castle) for a sunset photo.

Next morning and it’s a proper tour of the Alcázar and then back to the van for a spot of lunch and we start off for Merida – were going Roman again!

Badajoz and the shadows are already getting long when we arrive
Badajoz – we spotted storks many times in Portugal. They used to be migratory but in the 80’s they just stayed and have been in Portugal ever since!
The sun setting over Badajoz as viewed from the Alcazaba
Badajoz and a moody shot of the bridge after sunset

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