Steinhuder, Lower Saxony, Germany

Sadly, we had to miss out Hanover – the logistics for the mothership and the available motorhome stellplatz and campsites made it too much like hard work.  Maybe we can go back out of season when it will be easier to find a pitch!

Anyway, from Wolfsburg, it was 100km west and a lovely camper-van site near the 30 km square  lake Steinhuder Meer (lake).  The afternoon looked like it would be a washout with rain showers predicted.  But as the forecast for Sunday was worse, we decided to set out for a lap of the lake (35km).  In the end, it was wonderful. We had one sudden downpour, but there are shelters all around the lake, and we stayed dry.

Sunday we went into Steinhuder town and had a wander around. It’s mainly a tourist town – the lake is hugely popular and draws in large crowds every weekend.  There was also an American car show running so we checked out more American muscle!

Monday was a down day planning for the next month of stops and generally doing all the hundred of little jobs that build up!