Schwerin, Germany

Another one night Stopover.  We got away from Hamburg early enough to actually use the day rather than only using it for travel.  The Schwerin stopover is a grassy space for around 20 vans set next to the Harbormasters office in a small yachting marina.  There are a series of large lakes here and the area is really popular for boating. This is one of many marinas in the area.

The reason for visiting Schwerin is the Schloss Schwerin castle that has been on our to-do map for simply ages. Is a 3 km cycle around the lake and into town and we spend the afternoon at the castle.  The weather deteriorates, so after the castle, we don’t get to see too much of the gardens or town – it’s back to the van between the showers of rain… find that – minor disaster – we left some of the rook lights open. Remembering to shut the roof is a real issue in a mothership with seven roof lights!  Oops. We spend an hour drying the worst of it. Hopefully the damp bits will dry out over the next couple of days!

Chilli for dinner and general housekeeping!