Middelburg, The Netherlands

An easy drive up from Ghent to Middelburg including the famous (and expensive in a motorhome!) Westerscheldetunnelweg which saves us about 60 km and a trip around Antwerp.  It’s one of only two toll roads in the country.  The tunnel gets us over(under) the River Scheldt delta and the will be more river deltas over the next few days!

The campsite (Stadcamping Zeeland) is expensive at 25€ a night but is only a 15 minutes walk from the town center. Maybe this price is normal for the Netherlands, we’ll see!   The site is quite new so the hedges around the pitches have not grown much yet, but it’s already a lovely site. Super high tech with ANPR cameras raising the barrier once they recognise the number plate.

As we are so close to town, there is no need to get the bikes down on this first stopover!

A brief walk into town and we manage a picturesque town hall, a windmill and a canal, all on the first date.  This is a one night stand as we are moving further along the coast tomorrow. We hope that Middelburg is a good omen for the rest of the Netherlands!