You may be surprised at the title of this post.  London! London? Well, When we finished in Geneva, we knew we were heading north without really doing any more France at the moment, and we put in a couple of hundred km before stopping in a lovely motorway aire (yes, we were even on the motorway). We got up the next morning – it was a Sunday and had the ‘aha’ moment that the lorries were staying put, so we sprinted for Calais and did the longest single drive we’ve done in seven months.

To say that our son was surprised to see us would be a bit of an understatement.  After a couple of days back at home, It was still very strange being back in a house.  It felt so very odd having so much space (and so much stuff).

We have had a great ‘holiday’ back in blighty catching up with family and friends.  We had a few issues to sort out that meant a trip home was the easiest route. It worked out well anyway – the weather is warming up so we can start the part of the tour beginning with a couple of French towns, then Belgium, the Netherlands and moving into Germany.

We still call this part of the gap year tour so maybe you want to know we fitted in a 70th birthday party, a pub crawl, we managed to get the boat out on the river, we spent a day at The Tower and visited the Isabella plantation.  And we had time for a brief trip to Norfolk. Mowed the lawn three times, fitted in some project work with Charlie and played a lot of Rock Band.

We live just outside London, so it was unique for us to visit London in ‘tourist’ mode and remind ourselves just what a wonderful city we have right on our doorstep.

We also did some Brexit mitigation work picking up a green card and getting international driving permits and trying to mitigate the hundred and one other things that Brexit may affect.