Firenze, Italy

When in Rome as it were, so we’ll use the Italian name for Florence – Firenze.  They should know it’s their city after all! We arrived at about midday – the campsite is run by the same company that runs the Rome location.  So It’s immediately like a home from home and we get settled in a few minutes and after a quick lunch, get on the shuttle bus to the town centre.  As with many big towns, it’s hard to (legally) park the Mothership in the city centre so the campsite is the best option.

We only had a couple of days to see all that Firenze has to offer.  It’s really not enough time. So the first afternoon, we just went to the Famous bridge and wandered the town.

We take in the Bridge and some of the famous piazzas and get to see the cathedral from the outside – the queue was huge!

That evening we tried to book tickets for the following day only to find out that you have to book an exact date and time a week in advance, which is a little crazy, but there you go!

The following day we had a great time doing a full exploration of the town – it’s the cultural week in Italy, so many of the national monuments are museums are free.  We explored the Pitti Palace and gardens and a couple of smaller art galleries.

T insisted that as we were in a large town we find a curry house for lunch.  We found a place with great reviews and a Madras and Vindaloo went down very well!  Authentic Indian curry with an Italian slant. Not bad at all!